Single Travelers Resolve to Travel More in 2019!

January 27th, 2019 · 31 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

Single Travelers Resolve to Travel More in 2019!

Today's episode is really fantastic for Baby Boomers who are active and would love to travel more! Singles Travel International aims to matchmake you with a compatible travel partner. Offering both land based and cruise type intineraries.

Episode Topics Include:

  • Introduction of delightful guest Tammy Weiler
  • Introduction of Singles Travel International (STI)
  • Who is the right fit for STI?
  • How does the matchmaking process work?
  • What types of travel does STI offer?
  • Sample Itineraries
  • Are "non-singles" welcome?
  • What happens if they discover someone is not single while on a trip?
  • What does client success mean to STI?
  • Food talk! What is Tammy's favorite quisine?
  • Tammy asks Megan about why she does Travel Radio Podcast?
  • Things get deep...
  • Closing and goodbye!

Creating life-changing singles travel experiences and unique opportunities to meet the world…together!!!

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Singles Travel International’s exclusive singles tours range from Caribbean Cruises for singles to fascinating, bucket list destinations like Antarctica, Galapagos and Alaska! On our vacations for singles, solo travelers meet other singles and travel in the safety of a group. Save money on single supplements – let us match you with a suitable roommate or save on our no single supplement cruises. Singles Travel International: See the world in community with other singles!

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