Megan Chapa

Co-Host of Travel Radio Podcast

Hello Traveler!

I'm Megan Chapa, host of Travel Radio. The goal of this podcast is to connect travelers to travel professionals. My hopes are that you find a new destination, style of travel or an adventure to add to your "bucketlist". It is my pleasure to interview my guests and edit these episode for you to enjoy.

My children think I am super "cool" for having a podcast and will do anything to sneak onto the show. You will definitely hear them tell jokes, ask questions and offer opinions - lots of opinions... Our rescue dog will also occassionally make an appearance (read bark) as she has moved in and made herself at home!

I am currently living in Oxford, UK while my husband finishes his DPhil at Oxford University. The reason I mention this is because Oxford and the UK inevitably come up in conversation. The UK is a magical place you should come and visit. Seriously, it's a gem and you need to come here!

What is on my "bucketlist"? Anywhere there's a pool, a beach, childcare and someone bringing me gin and tonic! I crack myself up! There are actually destinations on my list to include the recently added Mt. Everest Base Camp (See Karl Nessler's interview), Nevis (birthplace of Alexander Hamilton), Poland and to return to Africa with the family in tow. All travel is special, it's all on my list.

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