Shari Kavalin

Special guest

Shari Kavalin, Founder of Elegant Escapes is passionate about bringing clients’ travel dreams to life; a firm believer everyone deserves the most personalized vacation experience possible; one that exceeds their best expectations.

Unlike the internet (which essentially can only “answer the question you ask”), as a veteran traveler and travel agency professional, Shari always tries to “ask the next question.” Expect her to want to take some time to get to know you as she will never be the one to hand you a one-size fits all vacation solution.

There may be 5.2 million Google results for the internet search "Best Resort in the Caribbean" but that doesn't mean they all are the best for you and your dream vacation. And are you really the person best qualified to interpret all that data? The internet can tell you the price of anything and the value of nothing, because “value” is personal and subjective to each and every one of us.

A popular TV commercial shows a client telling a Financial Advisor how receiving advice from someone else’s golf pro ruined her golf swing and the Advisor responds..."That advice just wasn't meant for you."

Having traveled to forty countries and at least as many US cities, Shari never loses track of the “big picture” – focusing on every detail of your vacation, knowing everything – including the food and drink and the personal guides – makes a difference in your experience.
Get to know Shari and the team at Elegant Escapes – where we specialize in YOU!
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