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Rose Forest in Aruba
My name is Rose Forest! You never know what I'll be doing next! I often get told that people live vicariously through me. If I adopted everyone that asked, I would be Mom to a small town! I plan travel in my home office, and you might also see me either in front of or behind a camera. Yes, that's right... I can be found on a set as time permits. Someday, working at the Travel Channel would be ideal. That's the best of both worlds!

I got into the travel business in 2003 after taking a not-so-pleasant vacation that a Travel Agent planned for me. I felt uninformed and unprepared. When I returned I never heard from the Agent again. I thought if I planned travel for clients, I would do two things: One, make sure they are well informed and two, I would follow-up when they return. A well prepared client is less likely to be stressed and can spend more time enjoying their vacation! This is what I do for my client now.

I love to explore new destinations and experience the culture. I cruise at least once a year and I fit in as many land based vacations as possible. I love a spontaneous trip.

Aruba is one of my favorite and repeat visit destinations. That is why I decided to become an Aruba Certified Expert. Please let me know if I can plan a memorable vacation to Aruba for you as well!

Kind Regards,

Rose Forest

In addition to my social media pages please also use my blog and TripAdvisor Page as resources for your travel.

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