MaryLyn Klein

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Hello, my name is MaryLyn Klein and I am a custom European travel specialist. I am a travel agent who is also a travel enthusiast. So designing interesting itineraries for my clients never seems like work.

In fact, I actually get a lot of enjoyment from creating special trips and then imagining the enjoyment that my clients will get out of their personalized journeys.

I have been in the travel industry for over 13 years and am now the Director of New Agent Training in the agency I work for, Ticket to Travel. Over the years, I have worked with countless clients, including one of my biggest, The Real Estate Guys, who have a nationally syndicated radio program. It is my responsibility to put together their annual week-long seminar at sea, which is a challenging task that includes taking care of all of the event planning logistics.

Fortunately, I'm not afraid of challenges or taking on an itinerary that will require extra work. For example, I also recently helped four couples who wanted me to design a custom trip to Europe for them. They wanted to go by train to:

• Italy
• Switzerland
• Austria
• Germany for Oktoberfest

It was a very complex itinerary that required great attention to detail and took a lot of time to put together. In the end, my clients were very happy that they didn't have to do all of this hard work themselves.

Besides designing custom trips, the other areas in which I excel include:

• Booking cruises – both ocean and river
• Producing seminars at seas
• Group travel

When you book with me, you are getting an agent who will go above and beyond to ensure that your vacation is hassle free. I have a reputation for my outstanding attention to detail and am always available to my clients -- even on nights and during the weekends.

I am also a world traveler who has been to a number of destinations, including but not limited to many countries in Europe, New Zealand, Tahiti and numerous Caribbean Islands. I have also been on many cruises over the years. The information that I've learned during my many travels has helped me immensely when planning trips for my clients.

I look forward to working with you in the near future on a vacation that we will custom design especially for you!

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