Kara-Lee Taible

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Tickled Pink Travel is a boutique travel company both in Australia and the USA. We plan, organize and co-ordinate large groups onboard cruise ships. Whilst our specialty is fitness-based groups, we can do anything.

It all began in 2010, when entrepreneur/mum/solicitor/attorney/fun-enthusiast Kara-Lee, came up with a crazy idea while sweating furiously in a spin class on her first day back at her corporate job after returning from a family cruise. When your spin class is more enjoyable than your day job, you know its time for a change. And right there, on that bike, on that very day, the idea of taking it all onto a cruise ship, was born. Planning for the first Fitness Cruise began. A Pole Fit Cruise soon followed and the rest is history.

Tickled Pink Travel is now embarking on its 8th year of group cruises with big groups setting sail from Australia and the USA in 2018 and 3 groups already booked to depart in 2019.

Tickled Pink Travel Pty Ltd is incorporated in Australia under ACN 146 139 513 and as Tickled Pink Travel Inc in the State of Arizona.

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