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Zappos On My Mind and In My Mail

Zappos Care Package

On my last trip to Vegas (two weeks ago) I had the privilege of attending the Zappos Culture Tour as the guest of the Travel Professional Academy. (Thank you TPA for the invite - you are really demonstrating the value you offer your students in learning across industries.) In a last minute attempt to purchase a copy of Delivering Happiness in the gift shop, Ryo, our tour gide said they were temporarily out of stock and to email him. I grabbed his card and bolted to the bus. The tour had me brain storming, cussing and discussing applications to different industries, etc for days. Before boarding my plane I sent Ryo a quick email thanking him for the insights, with my address and thanks for the potential to get a copy of the book. He replied straight away with a digital version for me to read on the plane. Score! I thanked him and that was where I thought that relationship/conversation ended. I was excited to have new material to read for the long flight back across the pond.

I returned home, told my husband about it and how to apply such things in even more industries and organizations. Then family life crept into my thoughts and slowly pushed Zappos to the side. The kids got sick with a spring time cold. Symptoms to include the chills and not being able to feel warm. Then, this arrived in perfect timing. I grabbed one (there were TWO) of those amazing blankets and wrapped up my chilly toddler. He leaned over and took the nap I had been waiting for all day. Ryo, you #nailedit. I was totally happy with the digital copy but in true Zapponian style you went above and beyond your above and beyond.
Zappos Suggle

I have more to say about Zappos. I used to tutor in the HOOD of Las Vegas. I saw them making changes to that community even in 2010. They changed the lives of the people I knew and loved there for the better. To see what they've done and invested in the community and employees is admirable and to be modeled. Next blog to be published post completing the book. It won't be long.
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