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Three Suitcases That All Need Batteries

Travel can be a joy or a schelp and choosing the right suitcase can enhance the travel expereince greatly. These three suitcases will get you there in style but could just be extra weight if you fail to charge them properly. Let's explore what a fully charged version of each can offer the savvy jet setter...

Modobag's trademarked slogan is, "The carry-on that carry's you!" That pretty much sums it up. With a memory foam seat, pop=up handlebar, foot pegs and breaks you can zip through the airport. A bonus UL approved charger allows you to charge your devices. This suitcase is smart too with the ability to track it's location while in transit or out of your site.

Their video depicts well dressed business person scooting through the airport in suits and skirts. My suggestion, show a mom with a kid strapped to her reaching her terminal in record time! Cha-ching! Now, it might not be powerful enough to get your hair blowing in the breeze but watch the video. Land, Sear and Air tested. Have a laugh and maybe take a spin!

This is a slick alluminum option on preorder. If you like contemorary furniture, first class seating and fine dining this is your bag. You don't travel with much but what you travel with is important to you. This bag offers a charger, lap top width top for working on the go, an app that tells you if the bag has left your presence and if it's been opened out of your presenece. There is also and LED light controlled by the app. Lightweight and smart my only suggestion would be to have an intercom system. Just like my smart doorbell; I want to see and talk to the person about to violate my privacy.

It's like traveling with a well trained, nicely illuminated digital pet. This thing heels like a champ and operates on a clever app allowing you to track it's location, weigh itself, charge devices, unlock it with your finger print and more. You can name it (e-Schmoopie is taken), give it commands and best of all use two hands to wrangle kids, pay for Starbucks and more. Enjoy your digital puppy - can we get this thing ears and a tail already!?