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The S'moretbread Sandwich of Cultural Unity

S'moretbread Sandwich of Cultural Unity

A Wedding Gift From Megan Chapa to Meghan Markle

Dear Meghan,

On you the occasion of your wedding, I want to wish you every happiness! I hope that you are received with great love into your new family and find great satisfaction in the new roles you will live. As your fellow country woman, a group of your tribe be watching you on the "Teli", in a super not creepy way at all, and celebrating your union.

Please enjoy this fantastic dessert I brainstormed to celebrate your wedding day and mesh our cultures in a delicious summery treat! A word of caution: It's probably not appropriate to lick your fingers in a gown so make sure Kate's diaper/nappie bag is close. There will be wet wipes in there and you will NEED them!


Stoke the fire and get ready for a flavor party in your mouth!

Procure a rich, buttery shortbread. This must be a shortbread from the UK - we are working to blend our cultures here! I happened upon this really cute (and tasty) tin of shortbread at a Marks and Spencer Grocer. Grab some Hershey's Chocolate (Yes, you can use Cadbury Brits - but this is the American portion of the traditional S'more, think unity!) Lastly, you need marshmallows for roasting.

S'moretbread Ingredients


This is best done in pairs with a marshmallow Roaster and a sandwich Assembler. The Roaster should, on a long stick, roast the marshmallows to a golden brown. The Assembler, should break shortbread into equal pieces. The Assembler should also break Hershey's Chocolate into proportionally sized pieces to match the shortbread. Next, lay chocolate on a piece of shortbread (the bottom of the cookie).

S'moretbread prep and roast


At this point the marshmallow is perfect (or on fire). The Roaster should place the marshmallow on the bottom cookie half right on top of the chocolate. The Assembler should use an additional portion of shortbread to sandwich the marshmallow into place. TADA! Everything is now melting together in a mouthwatering dessert of culture unity. ENJOY!

S'moretbread assemble and enjoy!