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My suggestion to Dr. Disneyland is to call his third book, "How to love Disney". That is what the books have done for me. Dr. Disneyland says you can't teach US history, especially the 1950's, without teaching Disney. If you don't know what I mean, you will be shocked about how many everyday things TODAY have a connection to early developments in Disney. If you don't love Disney already, you will by the end of these books. American history lovers will appreciate the pinpoint of light Disney has been through some of the country's and world's darkest hours.

Prior to reading this book, personally, I've had an intense on/off love for Disney. I love to watch and sing along to Disney movies with my kids. I love that my daughter was princess Anna for THREE YEARS on Halloween. My son Joey loves to play "the Be" where the Beast is roaming the woods along our walks. But the parks (read crowds) stress me out! My clients love to go there and are always super excited to visit. It has, at times, been hard for me to replicate that excitement. I've even graduated the Disney College of Knowledge with my Genius Certificate for travel professionals (yes, this is a thing). BUT it wasn't until reading (on audible) these books that I had a genuine appreciation and EXCITEMENT for DISNEY!

I recently was privileged to interview Dr. Jeff Barnes also know affectionately as Dr. Disneyland. Jeff is an American history professor at California Baptist University where he teaches a class on the history of Disneyland. This includes a field trip and personally guided tour of the parks. He is also an Amazon number one best selling author for the Wisdom of Walt and not far behind is Beyond the Wisdom of Walt. This pair of books offers humor, insight, leadership and life lessons through the lens of our American Treasure, Walt Disney.

These books are for Disney lovers, entrepreneurs, leaders, undeclared college majors and history buffs. Learning leadership principles and life lessons through the lens of Walt Disney's practices is really enjoyable. I can testify that these book are motivational! I've written down goals and I'm working to cross things off my list! (To including taking over the world... kidding.)

Listen Monday the 27th for a really fun Disney intensive episode. Also, Dr. Disneyland is signing a pair of his books just for Travel Agent Interview listeners! Sign up for the giveaway on the Facebook group (live soon). Don't forget to like and leave tom foolery if anything comes to mind! [ ](

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