"A" Is For Awesome African Adventure On A Luxury Kenyan Safari

Episode 77 · February 10th, 2020 · 1 hr 8 mins

About this Episode

Take A Luxury Safari In Kenya

You keep saying that Africa is on your list. Don't hesitate because of the creature comforts you think you'll miss. There are plenty of comfortable and even luxurious ways to see African. Listen to this interview with Matthew Wahlgren about his recent Kenya Safari.

The video above is additional content and includes Matt's 5 Tips for taking a Luxury Kenyan Safari.

Topics we will include are:

Flying to Kenya
Airport Expectations
Language Concerns
Currency/Money Advice


  • comfort level
  • room size
  • bedding
  • tents?
  • mosquito netting

Meals :

  • what's included
  • trying new things
  • the Carnivore

Daily Intinerary
Nightly Itinerary
Vacinations/Vacinnes needed

Animal Encounters:

  • the big five
  • 7 baby cheetahs and cuteness overload (watch the video above)

People to People Encounters
Physical Considerations
Age Restrictions

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