Australia Travel Tips with Cloe Jager

Episode 67 · June 18th, 2019 · 45 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

Cloe Jager:

Aussie | Journalist | Travel Lover | Podcaster

Australian journalist by day and podcaster by night, Cloe Jager joins the podcast to talk about traveling in Australia. She is also the host of the Travel Lust Podcast. Cloe brings her passion for travel to Travel Radio Podcast this week to help travelers manage expectations and travel smarter while touring in Australia.

Australia Episode Topics Include:
• Is Cloe an Aussie criminal?
• Local weather trends in Australia
• Are locals friendly in Australia? (Please note Cloe's spot on "Old Timer" voice...)
• Three cities in Australia to visit as a tourist
• Where to surf in Australia (not Cloe's strong suite, but she knows where to go!)
• Interacting with indigenous people in Australia
• Marijuana Tourism - is this a thing in Australia?
• Snorkeling in Australia
• Transportation in Australia
• Tasmania, the forgotten island of exploding apples
• Is smoking acceptable in Australia
• Australia Shark detection app
• Talk about a "walk about"
• Traditional greetings - "Hey" or "G'day"?
• What side of the street to walk on in Australia?
• Translating an Aussie menu
• DON'T LITTER in Australia - they’ll get you!
• Cloe's Australian location bucket list

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