Episode 66

Ukulele Lovers Cruise to Alaska 2020


April 29th, 2019

35 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

Strumming the Spirit of Aloha Through Alaska

Rowena describes "Aloha" as, "Sharing the best of myself with you and in return you share the best of yourself with me."

If the temperature of traveling to Alaska concerns you - traveling with a pair of Hawaii ambassadors will insulate you better than your downy parka. Brain and Rowena Vasquez will share their aloha and advanced ukulele instruction on this 2nd annual Ukulele Lover's Cruise.

On this episode you will here Rowena, Brian and Chuck recap the 2018 Ukulele Lover's Cruise and what guests can look forward to for the 2020 cruise to Alaska. Rowena stresses that this is not a cruise where you will learn a few songs; typical of the begginer instruction level they offer on Hawaii itineraries. They truly want you to understand and learn the instrument. Participants must have ukulele basics (strumming and three common chords) in order to join in the instruction.

Additional episode topics cover:
Alaska Itinerary
Cabin choices
Past guest success stories
Rowena's book project, "Random Acts of Aloha"
The amazing wedding makeup artist that helped me out on my horrible face day. Thanks Vegas Barbie!


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