4th of July Episode: Walt Disney, Patriot and Icon of the American Dream

Episode 56 · July 3rd, 2018 · 49 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

Dr. Disneyland is back to talk about Walt Disney and his patriotism. It is a priviledge to discuss it with Dr. Jeff Barnes on this episodes. Millions of people visit Disney Parks each year and experience Walt's American Dream. Walt loved his country and took full advantage of the opportunities it afforded him. From his small town roots, forging his birth certificate to serve in WW1, bankruptcy, forming his own government and all the way to fantastic success, Walt Disney exemplifies the American Dream.

To listen to Jeff's first episode discussing his bestselling books CLICK HERE

Some may argue Jeff has a problem - he eats A LOT of ice cream. Listen to who has the best ice cream in Disney Parks and what is coming to Disneyland soon.

New Parks, New Attractions and how long are guestw willing to wait for new attractions?

Also, you should use a Dinsey Planner - save yourselfe time and headache. Contact me for recommendations or contact my girl Lisa Hill! Lisa's episode can eb heard here: [travelradioonline.com/9](travelradioonline.com/9)

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