Episode 4

Ciao Bella Ladies Travel Club with Sharon Oldham


May 27th, 2017

10 mins 24 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Ciao Bella was created by Anita Pagliasso, owner of Ticket To Travel. Together, Sharon and Anita plan trips for this exclusive ladies travel club. Listen for fun, friends and good food! Don't have a friend to accompany you or share a room with. Ciao Bella will try to pair you with an agreeable gal!

Episode Links

  • Ciao Bella Getaway Club — A travel club exclusively for women travelers Designed specifically for all women who enjoy travel. Our getaways, retreats, events, and tours will encompass the adventure and excitement of travel while alleviating the stresses of traveling alone. Ideal for those who don’t like paying single supplements because, whenever possible, we’ll match you with a roommate. Wonderful for mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, and girlfriends who want to spend time together. Perfect for all women.
  • Ciao Bella Facebook Page — Why an all-woman travel club? At Ciao Bella Getaway Club we believe that travel offers a unique way for a woman to experience self-fulfillment and personal empowerment. We want to provide a safe, supportive environment for women travelers. Women blossom when they leave behind the expectations of their everyday lives to meet the challenge of adventure with the support and enthusiasm of other women.
  • Bagallini Everywhere Cross Body Bag — One great example of a Bagallini bag. This cross body bag is the right size for day trip travel and has good pockets to access the things you want to keep on top!
  • Travel Radio Podcast - YouTube — Travel Radio Podcast is on YouTube! Please like and subscribe!