Jim Cloonan on Travel Professional Training Events

Episode 33 · January 9th, 2018 · 20 mins 6 secs

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You should be using a travel agent and using one with professional training.
[Enter]Jim Cloonan, owner of Travel Show Marketing Group.

Midweek Special Episode - oooh la la!

This episode is an interview with Jim to detail the types of training available to travel professionals at TSMG Conferences and why its so important to attend. Are you a travel agent that needs guidance, specialty training? This is your event.

This is the BEST INDUSTRY to work in. After listening Travel Professionals will be registering by the dozen and the rest of the listeners of this program will be trying to become travel agents! Who else gets to attend events like this!?

Conference links are below and my own host agency's contact information just incase you do want to join all the fun that is the Travel & Tourism Industry.

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