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Italian Travel Specialist Sharon Oldham

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Megan and Sharon talk language learning options. Then Sharon gives her history as an educator that lead to her learning Italian and joining the travel industry. Listeners will crack up at her sleepy client's mistake and never order spaghetti and meatballs!

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Megan Chapa: Sharon, we talked a little bit about gadgets and technology that we love for travel and one of the things we specifically talked about is technology and technology specifically for learning a new language or helping our clients become acquainted with just the knots and bolts of a language or some key phrases before they travel. You specifically send your clients to Italy and you have a couple programs and some Facebook sites that are your favorites for clients that have different traveling requirements and could you tell us a little bit about them?

Sharon Oldham: Sure. I think some people really only want to know key phrases so that they feel like they can make an impression when they're in Italy that they know a few Italian words especially Italian food words, how to order but others want more in-depth. They'd like to be able to carry on a conversation. I kind of vary my recommendations.

Megan Chapa: Sharon, we talked about one specific site, LearningWithOliver, can you tell us about LearningWithOliver?

Sharon Oldham: LearningWithOliver is a good way to have just a daily dose of Italian in your email. Every morning when you look at your email there would just be a quick little sentence depending on your level and then it dissects the words and you can take a look at it for as long as you want or as little as you want and then just move on in your email learning. There's parola de journal and that actually goes into your email as well. Again, just one or two words used in a sentence and then you can just move on. You're actually spending only 15 to 30 seconds but itÕs there every day and you can go back because each one of those sites in the email actually have full websites that you can go and do more in-depth learning if you want or as little or as much as you want to learn depending on how long you want to study Italian.

Megan Chapa: What about some Facebook options? I know you had mentioned there was a couple that you É

Sharon Oldham: There are. Facebook again is quick and easy and it appears in your feed every day. In pariamo litaliano is good one because it will come up mostly in Italian but then there'll be English subtitles. They'll give you little quizzes and then they'll give you the correct answers. Another one is learn Italian with Lucretia and sheÕs got a nice little Facebook feed but she also has a blog and a video blog. She does some interesting things so you can do as little or as much as you want.

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