Episode 25

Costa Rica with Marshall O'Hearn!


October 23rd, 2017

23 mins 15 secs

Your Host
Special Guest

About this Episode

In this Ecotourism, Costa Rica audio adventure Marshall starts things off talking about a bug repellent product easy to use for kids and easy to find on-line (link to Amazon below). Then Megan and Marshall talk about how his love for Costa Rica began during a semester exchange program. During Marshall's time there he put his foot on every part of the country he could scramble to. He also took advantage of the language immersion opportunity to perfect his Spanish skills. Now he travels there frequently with his family and can help you get there too. Subjects touched on are geography, language needs, currency used, safety, food, appropriate trip duration and types of accommodations. You will love this episode and want to visit this unspoiled and accessible part of the world. Call Marshall, he will not steer you wrong!

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