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Golf Tournaments Around the World w/ Kim and Keith Quimby

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Megan and the Quimbys talk RFID wallets before cussing and discussing the 24hr decision for Kim to pursue a career as a travel agent. Keith shortly followed Kim into a career filled with exciting trips around the world golfing the best courses, fine dining and friendship!
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"Megan Chapa: Amazon is getting a good plug from us today. All right, thank you guys for that input. I think we should move on to the section that's about you guys, the stars of our show. Kim, would you be able to tell us a little bit about you guys as a couple and how you got into the travel industry in the first place?

Kim Quimby: We've been married for quite awhile and Keith came home one day and he was working in the defense industry and informed that he was going to take early retirement and in that conversation it's quite difficult on me... He informed me that we would not be able to travel as much because he was taking early retirement and that I would have to find something to do in order to supplement our income if I wanted to continue to travel. Basically, I went out and decided and looked for about 24 hours and decided the best thing for me to do is to become a travel agent. I studied and trained and went north towards a local travel agent here in Greenville, Texas and became a travel agent.

Megan Chapa: That seems like a pretty good solution to the problem that Keith dropped on you all of a sudde!

Kim Quimby: He did drop it on me.

Megan Chapa: It seems like it worked out for the best though.

Keith Quimby: Yes it did and after she worked I guess almost two years and I continued out working at the defense company and when I finally retired I joined her and then around that same time we found Anita and that was a really great match.

Megan Chapa: What agency are you guys with right now?

Kim Quimby: We're with Ticket To Travel.

Megan Chapa: That's fantastic. I hear good things about that agency. Let's talk about the area of travel that you guys specialize in.

Keith Quimby: We specialize in a number of areas but they're all focused around leisure travel and our specialty is in the area of groups and many of our groups are golf groups. We do couples tournaments. We've done two this year. We plan to continue that trend and it's a great opportunity for couples that love to play golf and travel. We go to some great courses around the world mostly in the Caribbean. We just got back from Hawaii playing some beautiful courses on the big island near Kona. We finished up with a fantastic golf course in Princeville on the island of Hawaii, just wonderful people. It's all about the golf and it's all about getting to know other couples with very similar wants and desires as far as how they like to travel, their comfort and as well as enjoy the competition of the golf tournament."

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